About Us

About Us

Historical Background

The Department of Geography was established in 1945 as a unit in the   School of Arts, University College of Khartoum which became the University of Khartoum in 1956, and the Unit became a department thereof. Administratively, it is a part of the Faculty of Arts, but its academic and research activities transcend the faculty's boundaries to various faculties and  Institutes within the university like the faculties of Economics, Engineering, Architecture, Science, Agriculture, Forestry, Education, Medicine, and institutes of Environmental Studies, Afro-Asian Studies, Urban Studies and Development Studies and Research.

The Department occupies a two- storey building. The northern wing comprises sixteen staff offices and the GIS laboratory while the lecture halls the library and the cartography laboratory are located in the southern wing.


The Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences looks for the University of Khartoum enjoying academic freedom, institutional autonomy and democracy, attaining international academic and intellectual excellence, and contributing to meeting the socio-economic and environmental challenges of Sudan


  •  The FGES tends to transcend the illusory division of science into natural and social.
  • Promote scientific, critical independent thinking among academically equipped and socially effective responsible graduates.
  • Focus on theoretical and applied teaching and research with problem-solving orientation, using modern techniques and scientific methodologies.