Department of Geographical Information System and Cartography


 Advocating and educating geospatial sciences and technol-ogy, the Department of GIS and cartography is one  of the youngest and promising key department in the University of Khartoum The department is one of the four Depart-ments in the Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences (FGES). The Faculty has been established under the University Council resolution No.129 on 12/12/2010 as an upgrading of the old Geography Department, Faculty of Arts, which was established in 1945, and is located in the university main campus in a two buildings complex. The Faculty was established with a scientific vision to cope with the tremendous scientific advances and changes induced by the information revolution and globalization.


The objectives and goals of the Department are as follows

  • To have Knowledgeable Graduates, well qualified technically and scientifically and able to cope with ongoing development and market needs.
  • To promote and develop scientific research and postgraduate studies in the various fields of the faculty's academic domain .
  • To focus on applied studies, especially those dealing with geo-graphical, environmental and developmental issues of Sudan.
  • To contribute to and participate in the process of comprehensive development and community services
  • To open the chance for holders of Bachelor of sciences, econom-ics or social studies to pursue postgraduate study in geographical and environmental sciences.

Scientific Degrees Offered :

The Department offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (B Sc. Degree) in Geographical and Environmental Sciences (B.SC. Honors- five years) in Geographical Information Systems and Cartography.
  • research)


The admission to the Department programs allows room for students from different backgrounds to join its programs. The B Sc. Students has different back-grounds such as Humanities, Science, Mathematics etc. The M Sc. (by course) program attracts students from many specialties such as Geography and Envi-ronmental/Earth Sciences, History, Computer Sci-ences, Animal Production, Agriculture Sciences, Education, Surveying and Civil engineering, Infor-mation Technology, Mathematics, Economics and Social Sciences and some other disciplines.

(Detailed admission requirements are available online on FGES, Graduate College and the U of k websites.)

Scientific Research:

The department of GIS is remarkably active in Scientific Research through the following works and activities:

  • Staff papers and publications
  • Staff Research Projects in different areas of interest
  • Occasional GIS symposia
  • M Sc. Graduation Research Papers.
  • Staff Contribution to workshops, evaluation works and consultancies activities
  • Supervision of Postgraduate research theses.


The Department has the capacity to conduct well orga-nized and instructed training programs in GIS and Geospa-tial science and technologies across four training packages listed here below:

  • GIS-I (Introduction) 5 Days- 20 Hrs.
  • GIS-II (Advanced -3 Days- 15 Hrs. (Core- Data and Databases)
  • GIS-III –Professional- 1 Day 5 Hrs. (Core- Spatial Analysis and Modeling)
  • GIS IV –Applications- 2 Days 10 Hours (Core Oriented Appli-cations)



Office of the Head Department

Department of GIS and Cartography,

Telephone: (00249) 0154891410

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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