Department of Geographical Information System and Cartography

Fifth semester

Course (301):

Course (303):Geographical Introduction System (2)

1.  Principles and concepts of GIS and Applications

2.  Operating systems in GIS

3.  Geographic database sources, nature, symbols and models)

4.  Models & Analysis of GIS Data

5.  Applications of GIS

6.  GIS project

Course) 305 : (Cartography

1.  Concept and importance of Cartography

2. Factors and development of Cartography

3. Development of Maps Classifications

4. Methods and procedures of Cartography presentation in Maps drawing

5. Symbolization presentation and techniques of using modern Cartography tools

6. Tools and Equipments using

7. Symbols Uses

8. Colors Theories

9. Topography Models

10. Skills of Maps intervention

Course (307): Technical Issues in GIS 

1. Internet GIS

2. GIS Programming

3. Project GIS management

Course (309 ): Climate and Meteorological Maps

1. MeteorologicalEquipment and Tools

2. Methods preparation and Analysis of Climate Maps

3. Interpretation of Climate Maps 

Course)311:( Distribution Maps

1. Concepts & Distribution

2. Graphics Lines & Shapes

3. Graphic Lines

4. Graphic Columns

5.  Graphic Chars

6. using of Actual Numbers

7. Methods of Percent

8. Qualification distribution Maps

9. Quantities Distribution Maps

10. Points & Lines movements

11. Shading

Sixth semester

Course)302 :(Maps Projections

1. Definition of Projections

2. Methods of design and drawings

3. Properties of  main projections

4. Using of some projects 

Course)304 :(Geodesy and Earth Navigation Systems

1. Geodesy

2  Geodesy conversion, referencing from system to another

3. DTM , DEM , methods 

Course)306):(Advance application in RS

1. Application of RS of Geography and environment

2. Ground truth and future identification in satellite image

3. Production of Maps from satellite images

4. Solving problems using satellite images 

Course)308:(Design and production of digital Maps

1. Digital Maps production using different software

2. Data conversion techniques

3. Steps of data production

4. Kinds of  Maps

5. Objectives and purpose of Maps

6. Methods of Map production

7.Scale of maps

8. Maps Layout

9. 3D projections

1o. Earth Model presentation 

Course)310:( Topographic Maps


1- Definition of topographic maps

2- Production of topographic maps

3- Production of topographic maps from satellite images



Seventh semester

Course (401):Database


1. Definition of database

2. Concepts and principles of database

3. Types of database and information

4. Database classification

5.Database presentation 

Course (403):Environmental Problems

Course (405):Applied Mathematics

1. Calculus equation in environment studies

2. Firs derivatives

3. Second derivatives

4. Partial derivatives

5. Scatter equation regression

Course (407):Advance GIS

1. Statistical GIS

2. Design of the GIS database


4. Spatial Analysis

5. Spatial Statistic

6. Applied Topics

7. Project 

Course (411):Programming & software

1. Introduction to GIS software

2. Relationship between GIS & Visual Basic

3. Oracle database

4. Different types of GIS software

5. Database management and GIS programs

6. GIS programming project 



Eighth semester

Course (402):GPS

1. Definition of GPS system

2. Tools and satellite related to GPS network

3. G{S and relationship to GIS Maps

4. Applications of GPS in field surveying

5. Application of GPS in different fields

6. GPS project research 

Course (404):GIS and statistic

1. 3 D analysis

2. DTM modes

3. DTM Applications in hydrology & geomorphology

4. Spatial Analysis

5. Methods of spatial analysis

6. Errors in spatial data base measurements

7.  Errors connection and calculation in GIS

Course (406):Technical and Quantities Topics in GIS

1. Statistic in GIS

2. Database collections in GIS

3. Design and building GIS Labs

4. Selection of proper GIS software

5. Project research

Course (408):Network Analysis

1. Principles of spatial analysis

2. Network analysis

3. Topology building

4. Application of Network analysis

5. Projects research related to network analysis

Course (412):Metrological Remote Sensing Systems

1. Types of RS in Metrology

2. Specification of Metrological Satellites

3. Types of Satellite Images

4. Application of RS system in Metrology

5. Climate change Issues 



Ninth semester

Course (501 ):Introduction in Mathematical information Analysis

1. Concepts of Network and survey data

2. Conversion of survey data to line data

3. Calculation and Evaluation of spatial Data

4. Analysis of survey data


I georeferencing               ii mosaicing

iii coordination                  iv Digital Elevation  Model

iiv Site selection density calculation 

Course (503):Application of Radar System

1. Definition of Rader system

2. Component of Rader systems

3. Radar Images

4. Comparison between Radar system and other Passive systems

5. Application of Radar in Water, Agriculture, forestry  and Metrology

Course (507):Location Base Services

1. Spatial services

2. Labeling of GIS data

3.  Internet GIS

4. Maps and its role in data master

5. Using of Geographic data in commerce and services

6. Project research 

Course (511):Advances in Database

1. Introduction to advance database systems

2. Oracle system operation

3. Relationship between Oracle and GIS

4. Link of Oracle and other systems

5. Project research





Tenth semester

Course (502):Spatial Introduction Systems

1. General introduction

2. Population Environments

3. Mathematical Geography

4. Analysis operations

5. Models operations

6. General Applications

7. Project research 

Course (504):Internet GIS and Maps

1. Internet definition

2. Web Design

3. Internet Maps

4. Internet Services

5. Internet GIS

6. Internet GIS software

7. Production of Maps in Internet

8. Project 

Course (506):Geographical Data Management 

1. Introduction GIS, GPS and RS data in Organizations

2. Basic of different project management

3. Evaluation of GIS projects in organizations

4. Applications to actual GIS projects

5.Design of Integrated GIS project

Course (508):Applications of Advance GIS

1. Applications of GIS

2. Application of GIS in Tourist

3. Application of GIS in  Security

4.  Application of GIS in Natural Resources