Department of Human and population Studies

Fifth semester

Course DSB (301):



Course DSB (303): Sudan population

1-    General background about geography of Sudan.

2-    Historical Development of population information in Sudan.

3-    Cultural diversity of Sudan's population.

4-    Sudan's population trends ( fertility, migration ….)

5-    Contemporary population issues in the Sudan.

6-    Population education


Course DSB (305): population and Environment  

1-      Theoretical framework of population environment relationship

2-    Concepts and theories of population

3-    Concepts and theories of environment

4-    population environment Interactive relationship

5-    Environmental hazards on population

6-    Impacts of population upon environment.

7-    Population and environmental perception.

8-    Environment and population interactive impacts mitigation mechanisms

9-    Population policies and their environmental impacts


Course DSB (507): Behavioral Geography  

1-      Concept of environmental perception and cognition maps.

2-    Distance and it's impacts on behavior and spatial overlapping

3-    Group behavior and sciences.

4-    Individual spatial activity

5-    Overlap limits

6-    Spatial overlapping and Innovations

7-    Diffusion types and innovations

Course DSB (309): The Quantitative geography and statistics  

1-    The quantitative methods new trends of applications



Course DSB (311): Geography of Displacement and refugees


1-      Definition of concepts and theories

2-      Historical review of displacement and refugees

3-      Displacement and refugees as a recent phenomenon

4-      Displacement and refugees in the developing countries

5-      Displacement and refugees in the developed countries

6-      The impacts, problems and solutions.

Course DSB (313): The Economic Activity of Population  

1-      Concepts, theories and definition problems

2-      The economic activity and labor force ( basic concepts and definition).

3-      Information resources and their collection methods

4-      Uses and disadvantages

5-      Income ( concepts and measurements and data resource limitations


Sixth semester

Course DSB (302):Political geography 

Course DSB (304): Regional Planning  

1-    Concept of regional planning

2-    The relation between regional planning and geography

3-    Regional planning approaches

4-    Types and levels of regional planning

5-    Concept of economy general planning and regional planning

6-    Regional planning influencing factors

7-    Regional planning strategies in developing countries

8-    Regional planning experiment in Sudan


Course DSB (306): Transportation Geography  

1-      Concepts of transportation geography , it's development and it's themes

2-    The main transportation patterns

3-    The geographical factors influencing transportation geography

4-    The transportation economics from geographical perspectives

5-    Transportation theories and planning

6-    Problems of transportation


Course DSB (308): Development Theories  


Course DSB (310): Industrial Geography  


Course DSB (312): Pure Demographic  

1-    Historical background

2-    The history of population growth

3-    Population theories include:

-         Ancient and medieval writings

-         Recent theories

-         Other disciplines contributions

-         Population – theories of the optimum  level

Course DSB (314): population Migrations (Problems of measurements)  

1-      Mobility concept and it's terms

2-    Migration as difficult demographic phenomenon

3-    Applied means and scales

4-    Measurements disadvantages

5-    Analysis

6-    Evaluations and mitigations


Seventh semester

Course DSB (401): Population and Economic Development  

1-      Economic and population growth

2-    Population theories related to development

3-    Rapid population growth, dimensions and results

4-     Population and development and the significance of the sustainable  economic growth

5-     Rates of economic growth and livelihood different levels.

6-    Problems and obstacles of population and economic development


Course DSB (403): Development and Management of Human Resources  

1-      concept of human resources

2-      Man and the resources

3-    Indicators of human resources development

4-    Planning and human resources management

5-    human resources management control possibilities

6-    Modern trends in human resources management


Course DSB (405): Environment, Development and Woman

1-       The role of the woman in environmental conservation and its degradation.

2-        The role of woman in ideal environmental management.

3-        The contribution of the woman in education, health.

4-        The role of the woman in issues concerning environmental uses development, such as:

-         the definition and concepts of gender.

-         The awareness of woman towards the environment.

-         The positive role of the woman towards the environment main constraints.

-         Examples of the woman efforts to enhance the environment in Sudan.

-         The role of woman in the family and national economy.

-         The legislation, economical and social problems that hinder the contribution of the woman.

-         To assess the role of the woman in the environment.

-         The role of the women organization in environmental development


Course DSB (407): Planning and Development in Sudan  

1-      planning and resources development (concepts and theoretical framework)

2-    Planning links to development administration.

3-    The natural and human capacities of development planning in Sudan

4-    Objectives of development administration in Sudan

5-    Problems of planning and  of development administration in Sudan

6-    Assessment of development plans and programs in Sudan


Course DSB (409): Cultural Geography  

1-      Concept of cultural geography

2-      Material thinking components of culture

3-      Geographical elements affect culture

4-      Geographical distribution of cultural realms

5-      Examples from cultural realms

Course DSB (411): Applied Mathematics 

Course DSB (413): Population Policies  

1-      Concept of population policies

2-    International awareness about the population issues

3-    Types and nature of population policies

4-    Population policies components and their content in Sudan and some selected countries




Eighth semester

Course DSB (402):Field Excursion 

Course DSB (404): Contemporary Population Issues  

1-      Problems of population and good governance

2-    Demographic transformation, labor force  and  employment chances

3-    Population, poverty and social security

4-    Population and food security

5-    Population awareness and information

6-    Population confects and peace

7-    Woman and youth issues


Course DSB (406): RS applications  


Course DSB (408): Geography of tourism  

1-    Defining the concept of geographical tourism

2-    Significance of tourism activity and tourism types

3-    Geographical principals of tourism and it's development

4-    The economics of tourism

5-    Capabilities of tourism in Sudan



Course DSB (410): Medical Geography  

1-    Concepts of medical geography

2-    Historical evolution of medical geography

3-    Geographical analysis of epidemics and diffusions causes

4-    Health care studies

5-    Relation between environment, health and development from geographical perspective


Course DSB (412): Population and Health  

1-    Introduction to health planning

2-    Estimation of health services according to the population

3-    Factors influencing the spatial distribution of health services

4-    Health services finance





Ninth  semester

Course DSB (501): Application of GIS in population Studies 

Course DSB (503): Theories and Scales of Human Development  

1-    Concepts and theories of human development

2-      Indicators and scales of human development

3-      Competence in human development

4-      Basic features of human development in Sudan

5-    Means of improving human development in developing countries

6-    Some problems related to human development means of measurements


Course DSB (505): Population Mobility and Migration  

1-    Concepts of population mobility and migration

2-    Migration and mobility sources of data ( problems and obstacles)

3-    Reasons and motives of migration and mobility

4-    Impacts of migration and mobility


Course DSB (511): Population Estimations, Projections and Services  

1-      Population projections from historical perspective

2-      Types of specialized population projections

-          Labor force

-          Urban rural population

-          Agricultural projections

-          Education

-          Housing and Families

-          Health

Course DSB (513): Design and Management of Population Projects  

1-    Definitions and concepts

2-    Requirements for Design and management

3-    Applications and examples at National and state  levels




Tenth semester

Course DSB (502): Global population Policies  

1-    Comparison between population policies

2-    History of policies affecting the fertility

3-    Policies affecting the fertility in developed countries post second world war

4-    Policies affecting the fertility in developing countries and Sudan

5-    Policies related to population distribution and migration in Sudan

6-    Policies related to population mortality in Developing countries and Sudan


Course DSB (504): Population and Urban Environment  

1-    Concepts and definitions

2-    Social phenomena  in urban  (crime, poorness, …..)

3-    The geographical distribution of urban

4-    Causes, problems and solutions

5-    Population strategies and the urban environment

6-    Population programming planning in urban environment


Course DSB (506): Development Problems in Developing Countries  

1-      Developing countries characteristics and properties

2-      The development situation in developing countries

3-      Problems and obstacles of development in developing countries

4-      Some solutions to development problems in developing countries

5-      Relation between services and development in Sudan


Course DSB (509): Dissertation  


Course DSB (510): Urbanization in Developing Countries  

1-    New town growth

2-    Developing  countries urbanization factors and characteristics

3-    The urbanization implications

4-    Ruralization of urban areas

5-       The impacts of accelerating urbanization on the morphology of the city